Pit Stop in St Louis

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Historic Cottage in Soulard, St Louis, MO | photo: Rachel Brown | www.roadkitten.com

I was recently on a leg of tour that included a couple Missouri shows, and had a night off in St Louis. Rather than spend it in a hotel, I took the opportunity to find a gorgeous Airbnb listing.

I like to explore the towns and cities I'm in - and St Louis has more than enough to do - but I was sick with a cold and so in love with the home I rented that to me, staying in counted as sightseeing.

Historic Cottage in Soulard, St Louis, MO | photo: Rachel Brown | www.roadkitten.com
The office, living room and bedroom of the "Historic Cottage in Soulard"
One of the best things about renting a house or apartment while on the road is access to a kitchen! As a vegetarian, I often find it difficult to find wholesome meals while traveling. The only downside is that if you're only in town for one night, it can be tricky to shop for just one meal. However, cold-induced exhaustion set in by the time I got to the grocery store, so I decided to simplify with organic kale (sautéed with garlic) and an Amy's vegetable pot pie (popped in the oven).

The Mud House St Louis | photo: Rachel Brown | www.roadkitten.com
"The Goat" sandwich at Mudhouse (goat cheese, greens, cucumbers and apricot chutney on toasted wheat) with ginger & turmeric "Cup of Sunshine" by Smalls Tea & Coffee 
On my way out of town I stopped by Cherokee Street, where I went to The Mud House for an amazing sandwich and tea. Cherokee Street is full of antique stores, so I took a stroll after my meal, ultimately winding up at Whisk, "a sustainable bakeshop" that uses all-natural local ingredients in their baked goods. Picked up a couple treats (the popcorn cookie and coconut cupcake - both incredible!) for the drive to Kansas City.

Whisk - a sustainable bakeshop in St Louis, MO | www.roadkitten.com

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